1. What are Cookies?​

Cookies are small text files placed on users ‘ computer, mobile device or other equipment when they access websites.

Before we place them on your computer we provide you with information on the type of cookies and how we use them on the website www.eppower.ro. most importantly, we ask for your consent to use them!

2. We use cookies because they allow us:

  • Make sure the website works properly;
  • To identify the device from which users visit us and, at their request, to keep their username and password; thus they will not have to enter the same details every time they return to the website;
  • To offer users a secure and personalized online service to their needs;
  • To analyze the profile of users in order to continuously improve their experience on our website, recording some information about their online preferences and browsing history.

3. What cookies do we use and for what purpose?

EPPower uses several types of cookies, some of which we will mention here or even all of which can be stored in your browser. That is why it is useful to know that you can view and manage these cookies from your browser settings.

4. Types of cookies:​

Essential cookies-allow you to benefit from certain EPPower services that you request through our website. For example, use them to maintain previous actions done on the website (filling out a form, etc.) or to access certain areas of security without having to always log in.

Performance cookies-collect information about how you use the EPPower website, the advertisements we display, the communication via email if, extremely important, it signals any error that occurs. The eight more data extracted of prophetic duty to found rome cookies are about the nature tehnica (which pages of the site you visit, how much time you spend on them, if you respond to our emails, which pages of the site you get from email etc.)

Reference cookies – do not tell each visit we receive on the site as a result of the references of our business partners. I think find out if the visitor came to a partner site if their visit resulted in the purchase of an EPPower product. At happy memory as if you are in the case of performance files, the information has at a statistical level, without allowing your identification directly.

Functional cookies-allow us to remember the preferences of Browse that you have selected during previous visits in relation to the appearance of the site, font size, participation in a certain survey if any deeply settings related to the display of content. In this happy memory we will always know in what form you have benefited from our services if we will ensure that it will be maintained at happy memory, if during future visits, eliminating repetitive if tedious steps.

Cookies for advertising or identification-works by rule, with certain advertisements that you come into contact with on the site, but if with different communications relevant to the energy field. The information collected in this way concerns the products if the services you click on, but if the history of contact with certain advertising material. Help us to know more all world class players interests if we avoid to present you a certain advertisement of more mouth.

We assure you that we do not sell the information collected through cookies if we only disclose it to companies in our ForSageHoldings group, not if to other third parties-unless we are under obligation to the law! Consult our policy regarding Personalized data.

5. Can cookies be removed?​

If you wish, you can delete certain cookies already stored on your device or block other cookies using your browser settings (from the Help or Options menu). Many browsers even offer you the ability to change cookie settings – generally, they have integrated settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance, validity period and automatic deletion after the user has visited a particular website, etc.

If you are somewhat familiar with the options that an internet browser offers, you probably already know how to get to these cookies. Just in case, here are the steps for three of the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer:

Tools >> Internet Options > > Privacy > > Check “Override Automatic Cookie Handling” > > disable” First Party cookies “by option Block >> disable” Third party cookies “by option Block >> uncheck option” Always allow session cookies ” ” > OK to confirm changes

Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox menu >> Options >> Privacy >> select “Use custom settings for history” >> uncheck the option” Accept cookies from sites” > > OK to confirm changes

Google Chrome

Tools menu > > Options > > Under the Bonnet >> Content Settings > > select ” Block sites from setting any data”

The website will work even if you delete or block some cookies, but you may not be allowed access to certain areas or functionalities of the platform or you can no longer use it at normal parameters.

If you want to know more about cookies and their role, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org.