Asset Management

Management of a renewable asset in Romania is a complex activity given frequent regulatory changes, a green certificate marketplace rather than a feed in tariff system, and energy balancing requirements. The experience of the EPPower energy team coupled with its unique AI driven tools permit the company to offer clients a reliable and efficient service.

This includes

Assistance in the registration process in OPCOM markets.

Estimating hourly energy production using our own forecasting platform.

Reducing the cost of imbalances using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Operation of OPCOM platforms for energy trading (7 days / week).

Keep track of energy production.

Real-time imbalance management, billing process management.

Providing support for ANRE reporting, but also for trading green certificates.

Reporting daily transactions to the customer’S PRE and on the Teletrans platform (according to ANRE order no. 76);

Support for formal meetings with the Romanian authorities.

Daily and monthly Opcom transaction reports.


Our main objective is to identify the needs of our customers and help them implement the best solutions to optimize profit and minimize exposure to market risk.