Terms & Conditions

1. Overview​

www.eppower.ro it is a website owned and operated by Eolian Project Srl, part of the ForSageHoldings group.

Creating a user account on the website www.eppower.ro it implies acceptance of both these Terms and conditions and the personal data policy.

In order to fully understand all the terms of use of the website, how you can register and create a user account on behalf of the company you represent, the content and structure of this account, as well as the technical steps and steps you must follow to conclude the electricity supply contract on our website (‘supply Contract’), please read carefully the information in the sections below.

From time to time, we may make some changes to the terms and conditions. We will mark any new changes with a new asterisk * placed next to the link to the terms and conditions. Please read the changes. Continued use of the website implies acceptance of changes!

Last Updated: November 2013.

2. Contractual terms​

In order to conclude an eppower contract, it is necessary to ask you for certain personal data (contact details) and some information regarding the company you represent and on whose behalf you act:

    • Company name
    • Registered office
    • No. registration with the Trade Register and CUI
    • Email address
    • Address place of consumption
    • Current supplier name
    • Details of consumption.
For more details about the use of your personal data on this website, please refer to the Privacy Policy.